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How to Find the Best Moving Service in NYC

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How to Find the Best Moving Service in NYC

Moving Services in NYC

Moving services in NYC is not an easy task to search. When it comes to finding the right moving services in NYC, it’s a pretty tough job. There are so many options that it’s alright to feel overwhelmed. It’s so easy to screw up and go with the wrong movers and regret it later. That’s why we are here to help you out. We, the folks here at Business Relocation Services, realize this dilemma of our customers and that’s exactly what we’re going to try and fix with this article. Here are some things you need to consider while hiring moving services in NYC.

The Categories of moving services

Moving companies are usually qualified in some categories. Let’s take a look at them.

Residential Movers: These movers are specifically aimed at relocating the belongings of people that are shifting their place of residence. While they’re optimal for residential moving, they definitely don’t fit the bill for what you’re looking for, office relocation.

Moving Services in NYC - BRS Business Relocations

Specialty Movers: Now these are the movers that are perfectly suited for some weird type of transportation. Want to ship antiques? They’re here to help you out. Need to move a piano? They have the right equipment. However if your office equipment is pretty basic, it does not require the services of specialty movers.

Moving Services in NYC - Specialty Movers

Commercial Movers: Now this is the money shot right here. Commercial movers are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re the people that are meant to do the moving of your office, they’re masters at that, and a fine example of such company is us! BRS has been in this business for years and if you’re looking for moving services in NYC to relocate your office, then we’re the go-to guys!

Moving Services in NYC - Commercial Movers

The Reputation

A moving service’s reputation is where you can really get a feel for how they do their work. Go online on Yelp and some other services and take a look at what people have to say. If their negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, forget about them immediately. If you find a company like BRS that has nothing but positive reviews in their repertoire, then you’re good to go!

The Included Services

When it comes to moving services, there’s a lot of packages to consider. Some people want a full relocation where the company takes care of everything. Some people are looking for a partial service while others just need a truck and a driver from a moving company. If you’re looking to move an office, you should check whether the company is offering complete moving services. For instance, here at BRS, we don’t just shift your regular office supplies, we go the full length and also ship complex stuff like IT equipment too!


So, we certainly hope that we were able to clarify some of the things you need to consider before hiring a moving service in NYC. And, if you’re looking for quality movers, then go ahead and give the fine folks at BRS a call. We promise that we won’t disappoint.

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