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Office Decommission

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What is Office Decommission?

Office decommission basically it is, after the office relocation is completed, the tenant most likely has the contractual obligation to return the office/building space to a condition outlined in their lease agreement. Decommissioning the facility for turnover to the landlord/owner can involve a multitude of services. If you have been in this location for a long time you will probably have a fair amount of work ahead of them.

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How We Help With Office Decommission

A properly qualified commercial relocation company is prepared to perform or coordinate the following services:

● Meeting with Property Management to verify required condition and hours of performance.
● Removal and liquidation/recycling of remaining furniture, fixtures and equipment to include modular systems furniture and complex filing systems.
● Removal and disposal of communication and network cabling – complete removal from ceiling and floor channels; or cut cables at wall outlets and roll up in ceiling space.
● Removal and liquidation/recycling of warehouse racking, air handling systems
● Removal and disposal of trash
● Removal and disposal of appliances
● Vacuum office carpeting and tile flooring to a “Broom Clean” condition
● Perform a final walkthrough of facility with property management for compliance sign off and presentation to client.
● Liquidation and Recycling services be “Green” and targeted for re-use rather than landfill disposal.
Select a commercial relocation company with the expertise and resources to provide “turn key” decommissioning services.