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Office Decommissioning

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What is Office Decommissioning?

Office decommissioning in simply put, office furniture decommission is the process of removing surplus, unwanted or potentially unsafe items of office furniture from your inventory.

While decommissioning office furniture can happen at any time, it invariably becomes an issue during a business move or during a liquidation.
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How we help with office decommission

We also know the factors that determine market value (e.g. demand, quality, condition, color, material, etc.), and will ensure that you are only presented with fair and reasonable offers. What’s more, you maintain full ownership of all items until they’re sold, so there is no risk.

At the same time, we handle all dissembling and dismantling of your decommissioned office furniture, which is a valuable service since cubicles, workstations, desks and other items are often constructed with several integrated components – and damaging any of them during the decommission process will either devalue them, or render them impossible to sell as-is.

From new furniture purchasing, to liquidation, to project management to the actual relocation in your business, BRS is your best choice.