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Office Relocation Planner – Move Planner Checklist

Our move planner is a great way to have a positive experience and keep your main focus on your business until completion of your move.

BRS Organizing, Planning & Managing Your Office Relocation
Move Planner Business Relocation Services Expectations


Moving is not a simple undertaking; the key is to plan; the larger the move the more complex the planning process. To what  degree is a matter of determining the Where, When, Why, Who and How of your move. The goal is to insure a smooth transition with minimal interruption to your operation. Planning + Organizing =Controls

Moving Planner Business Relocation Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is the process of leading a TEAM of people in planning and managing a number of related tasks that must be completed by a specific date. Because it involves coordinating the efforts of others, it is a team process. The sophisticated methods of organizing, planning and executing a project include elaborate Gantt Charts, Critical Path Methods (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERTS).

Moving Checklist Business Relocation Services

The BRS System

The BRS process for moving your offices are similar and less complex then the aforementioned methods. Our scheduling techniques are based on the historical data and past moving experience. The four constants that apply to every move are: ▪ Every move is unique. ▪ The move process is basically the same. ▪ Develop a plan. ▪ Expect the unexpected.


Our moving planner is set to begin prior to your move and provides helpful recommendations all the way to until after your move.


Remove all of your personal and fragile items. Place loose items in a large envelope and place back in the desk. Lock your desk, if your lock does not work we will tape the drawers shut. Desks are moved with contents and drawers taped shut unless you are moving just your contents.


The BRS Project Manager and your Move Coordinator will label your furniture within the floor plan specifications and requirements for placement. You will be given labels for your cartons and miscellaneous items. Place labels on front of your cartons, NOT on top because cartons are stacked three high and this technique allows our professionals to easily see the label location(s).


Pack all the contents into BRS totes (cartons) supplied by our firm. At your request we can provide packing personnel if we have authorization from yur Move Coordinator.


Lock if there are any keys. Do not pack vertical file cabinets, we will tape the drawers shut and move them with the contents. Lateral file cabinets with four or more drawers require the top two drawers be packed to protect against damage.


Your computers and typewriters will be safely padded and transported in BRS security bins. Please make the necessary arrangements M.I.S.


BRS wraps these items with either pads or bubblewrap and packs into Transport Bins.


Our representative will provide the necessary cartons or crates to meet your requirements. Pack top of desk, bookcases, and any loose items in your particular station or office. Each carton should list contents within on the carton side panel (just in case a label comes off) and affixed with a labeled with its proper destination. Label cartons on front end, not on top. Do not over pack cartons need to be closed and stacked. Try not to under-pack: cartons are stacked and the weigh will collapse the bottom cartons.


This time of transition makes you most vulnerable. We recommend that you notify security and report unfamiliar individuals at either premises. Remove personal items, such as iPads, laptops and any items of value. Keep purses, leather and fur coats near you at all times.


Notify your building management companies in writing of the date time and estimated amount of time you expect to use their services.


Don’t forget to notify those that help your firm operate efficiently. Allow yourself enough time for unexpected surprises.


Your Move Coordinator will prepared this important facet to supply your personnel with the proper keys.


After the move we will assist you with additional shifting and removal of unwanted furniture at your request.

The Move Planner checklist

BRS provides the nove planner checklist with every estimate we perform. This checklist is designed for the timely execution of activities that need to be performed, such as:

▪ Delivery dates ▪ Packing ▪ Space protection ▪ Unpacking ▪ Post-move shifting ▪ Personnel assignment ▪ Move ▪ Space Planning ▪ Furniture Installation and Delivery.

BRS prepares a reasonable schedule supported with all the resources necessary to complete the tasks and processes defined in the scope of your move.

Scheduling a move Business Relocation Services

Scheduling a Move

The objective of the scheduling process is to have the necessary labor, materials and equipment resources coordinated in a manner that is cost-effective, realistic and minimizes disruption.

In most cases office relocations happen on the weekdays after 5 PM or on weekends. While this is considered premium overtime expense, it is generally cost-effective due to:

✓ Reduced traffic conditions ✓ Relaxed parking restrictions ✓ Exclusive use of building elevator services for a continuous flow of your office items

Move Planner Coordinator and Committee

The Move Planner Coordinator is responsible for making the major moving decisions and for assigning internal personnel from each department certain tasks and responsibilities.

Selecting the Mover

What are the criteria for choosing your mover? Interview your candidates; ask the mover what benefit and value they offer. What to look for:
1. Track Record 2. Management Resume 3. Resources 4. Insurance 5. Professionalism 6. Experience 7. Personnel 8. Client Referrals 9. Letter Testimonials 10. Applicable Rates 11. Fleet Age 12. Company History 13. Warehouse Facilities 14. Recent moves 15. Communications Capability 16. Flexibility 17. Availability 18. Responsiveness

Move Planner Coordinator Business Relocation

Not ready yet? BRS will survey your move and provide you with a Move Budget Estimate.

This is free with no obligation on your part.

Move Planner Office Relocation

Organizing, Planning & Managing


The BRS mover will pack libraries, file rooms, supply rooms and other common areas. Your employees should pack their individual work areas. However, BRS packers are ready to assist any packing needs.

Labeling and Coding

Use a color scheme and sequential order for your floor plans. Use different colors for different departments or different floors. Rooms should follow a numerical order with a directional situated at key points. BRS Project Manager will color-code your floor plan and label each item accordingly. Every floor or department is segmented by a chosen color: the logistics of color-coding depends on the size of the floor and the thoroughfares. This reduces confusion and enhances the distribution efficiency and placement of your items. The BRS professional movers can then follow instructions and transfer the colors and numbers specified by the relocation plan sequence. Each label color includes the floor, the room number or letter and a placement location, which can also include a number or a letter.

Computers Movers

Computer Moving. Every item is bubble-wrapped and all miscellaneous attachments placed in clear zip-locked plastic bags, sealed and labeled. Every component is then placed in a heavy duty commercial bin and secure for transportation.

Protecting the New Space

The new flooring will require masonite or plastic protection that is properly taped down. Koreflex is the accepted material for protecting your new walls. Door bucks are used for your entrances. All exposed areas should be protected.

The BRS Proposal

Once your site inventory is surveyed and the egress and ingress inspected, the BRS representative will present a detailed plan for your move, what resources will be utilized and a detailed schedule. The presentation will establish the professional, efficient and cost-savings in which BRS performs all of its relocations. We would like to schedule our presentation at your earliest convenience.

The proposal will detail all the services, transfer costs and materials required for your move. The proposal should detail: ✓ A rate structure detailing the hourly rate for trucks and labor, materials costs, and any equipment rental charges. ✓ A definition of the egress and ingress conditions at both sites. ✓ References – current client and recent moves.
The Move Process

Immediately after awarding the contract, arrange a meeting with your move committee, the movers’ team, the architect/designer or project manager. To better familiarize your personnel with the relocation process, BRS experienced personnel will hold meetings with your staff and will detail the move schedule and explain the procedures. These meeting also serve to clarify any questions your staff may have regarding packing and any other pertinent issues.

Proposal Business Relocation Services
Move Planner Commercial Relocation Services
Move Agenda

This meeting should clearly assign responsibilities and outline a schedule. Finalize all floor plans and issue. Employee Instructions provided by BRS and include the move schedule. Label everything within the color and number system. If there are items remain behind use the “DO NOT MOVE” labels provided by BRS.


The more informed your personnel the more cooperation your will attain. The BRS Relocationist will instruct your staff on the moving process.

What else? ✓ Make elevator arrangements early and confirm in writing. ✓ Secure all keys. ✓ Remove all valuables. ✓ Have a limited number of your staff on hand. ✓ Control your labels. ✓ Do not over pack, boxes need to be closed to move ✓ Do not under pack, boxes will crumble ✓ Cellular Phones Without a plan there is no control. The earlier the planning process the more likely your move will be a success. Keep a sense of humor and good luck!

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