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Data Center Relocation Services

When you’re moving an office, most of the things are pretty easy to move and don’t take too much time. How much could it possibly take for you to move some furniture, a few computers, and some cabinets? Not a lot, right? However, one thing that does indeed take a lot of time is something that people often forget about. We’re talking about Data Center Relocation and how it’s the most critical aspect of your move. There are a hundred things that could go wrong, and if you want to make sure that doesn’t happen, you have to plan your relocation properly. Here are three tips you can use to make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

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Computers, Servers, and Electronic Equipment can be very sensitive to relocate.

Our experience and professionalism of our IT team guarantee a relocation of your equipment without complications.

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Provide All the Resources Needed

The IT department or the team conducting the data center relocation needs help. They’re moving a core part of your company, and they can’t do it if the rest of the organization isn’t facilitation them. All the departments need to provide the relocation team with the tools they need to make the move a success.

So, if you’re about to move your data centers, make sure you ask all your employees to keep communication at a maximum to ensure that any obstacles are interrupted easily.

Find Someone Experienced

The optimal way to move your data center is to hire a professional moving company that has a ton of experience in relocating data centers.

This severely reduces the number of things that can go wrong in a data relocation and helps you complete the process much easier. However, if you’re looking to have your IT department take care of it for you, make sure you assign a project manager that is experienced at disassembling and assembling a data center.

They’ll know exactly what to do to make the move convenient, and they’ll have a decent amount of knowledge to move past all the obstacles that might come up.

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Are you having trouble finding the right people to move your data center?

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Write Everything Down

During a move, it’s always tempting to work off your memory. You’re occasionally thinking, “Oh, I’ll remember where this cable goes,” but when you’re putting everything back together after the data center relocation, it turns out that you don’t know where it goes.

This can cause a lot of issues at runtime and slow down the procedure quite a bit. A company’s IT infrastructure is extremely complex, and it’s something that most people can’t put together just with pure memory.

There’s needs to be an ample amount of documentation done that helps you put everything together.

Data Center Migration Solutions and Services

Data relocation is extremely complicated, and it takes a team of true professionals to ensure that nothing goes wrong. If you’re looking for those professionals, you should consider getting in touch with BRS. We’re experienced in the world of data center relocation and have helped tons of people like yourself move their servers successfully. Give us a call 1-718-399-8000, and we’ll visit your office today for an initial inspection.