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Computer Recycling

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Business Computer Recycling

Businesses produce massive amounts of computer waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only 12.5 percent of e-waste is actually recycled.

What is E-Waste?

“E-waste”, “electronic waste”, “e-scrap” and “end-of-life electronics” are terms often used to describe used electronics that are nearing the end of their useful life, and are discarded, donated or given to a recycler.

Why Recycle Computers?

Office desktop computers, workstations, and business PCs are all classified as toxic e-waste and must be recycled by your company. BRS can help by recycling your used, broken, or obsolete computers and CPUs.

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How is Computer Recycling Done?

Computer recycling is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of old tech. In a world where we are already facing global issues due to pollution, every piece of tech that’s kept out of landfills helps a lot. You’ll see a lot of people, especially tech companies, suggesting computer recycling.

But, what does it mean? How exactly does a company recycle tech products? If you’re looking to answer these questions and fulfill your curiosity, you’re at just the right place. Here’s how your old computers are being recycled.

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Collection of Unwanted Hardware

The first step is to collect unwanted hardware from customers. The majority of our customers are companies that are upgrading their systems and have no use for older hardware. So, they give us a call to take it off their hands.

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Data Destruction

This is one of the most important jobs of a data recycler. Data from a hard drive isn’t deleted even if you press the delete button. That data is recoverable and might just contain some sensitive information. So, to ensure that our clients don’t have their data leaked. Hard drives are wipes, or they’re destroyed.

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Computer Recycling – Potential Reuse

Before anything is done to the hardware, the first thing companies like ours do test the computer for reuse. Lots of computers are thrown out in the working condition.

Now, the previous owner might not need them. But, they can still be donated to libraries, orphanages, etc. Not everyone requires the most modern machines to do what they want on a computer. Some people are fine, even with outdated technology. If the hardware in question is in working condition, they are donated. In some cases, recycling companies repair and sell off old computers as well. It primarily depends on the condition. Reselling company laptops in excellent condition can be a great way to reduce the costs of disposing of old laptops and IT  hardware.
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If a product is not in working condition, that doesn’t mean it’s totally busted. A company also has the chance to dismantle a computer and sell it off to parts. If it’s not usable, a computer recycling company dismantles everything and sells them off to third-party vendors or even manufacturers.

Products that don’t meet the criteria for recycling are sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous materials. After that, they’re taken apart at special facilities.

Separated for Materials

A computer contains a ton of useful components in small compounds that are left in circuit boards, wires, etc. By breaking down these components and reusing them, companies can save the world from a ton of landfill space.

These materials can then go back to manufacturers who use them to produce newer products. Iron, gold (in minute quantities), copper, and silver can be collected from computers.
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Computer Recycling Service

So, now that you know the whole process, you might be feeling slightly more inclined towards computer recycling. . We’re one of the best in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We will make sure all your old hardware is ethically recycled.

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